Meet The Crew

Operation Defuse is not an organization, rather a collaborative projects with representatives from organizations all across the country.  Here we will spotlight a few of our most active participants!

(in alphabetic order)

Catherine Bleish

Catherine Bleish (bio)  is the executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project and co-coordinator of the ODF project.
She is currently taking a year long sabbatical from”organizing” to finish her MPA, finish a book, but is still speaking at several scheduled events on behalf of ODF.

John Bush

John Bush (bio) is the executive director of Texans for Accountable Government and the co-organizer of Operation Defuse.  He was instrumental in the push back against the Austin fusion center and is working on our Nation-wide Open Records Requests Initiative and assisting our state coordinators across the nation in their local pushbacks.

Brooke Kelley

Brooke Kelley (bio) is the founder of Unify and working on a reality series that features the behind the scenes side of activism and has toured with Operation Defuse and featured our activsts in several episodes of her series titled, Puzzled.

Jericho McCain

Jericho (bio) is the Operation Defuse in house tech geek with a very black and white view of how liberty is defined and achieved. He is the “guy behind the guy” and has no aspirations of ever being “the guy.”

Ben Weir and Kathy Tran

Ben and Kathy (bio) are two of Operation Defuse’s most dedicated volunteers. Kathy helps with graphis, Ben with Open Records Requests, event planning, and together they engaged on a tour of fusion centers across the northwest.