Meet Ben and Kathy!

Kathy Tran is a radio-television-film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys documenting the growing police state while still finding time to play with her favorite cat and make animations.

Benjamin Weir is an activist from St. Louis, Missouri, and currently living in Austin, Texas. He joined Operation Defuse because of his family members in Missouri who were targeted by the infamous MIAC report on the modern militia movement. Ben enjoys exposing new technologies that companies are pushing on the government, and writing music. He also likes to play with the same cat as Kathy, but sometimes he gets scratched.

Ben and Kathy went on a tour of fusion centers in the northwestern United States to find out what a fusion center really is. They found a lot of fairly normal people, and a couple ne’re-do-wells. They also found that it’s not nearly as scary as you might think to visit one of these centers. You won’t be shot just because you offended them with a question about the legitimacy of police. Together, Ben and Kathy are a team working on a documentary about the business of selling the police state.