Glossary Fusion Terms

Personal Identifiable Information – Personal identifiable information is one or more pieces of information that, when considered together or in the context of how the information is presented or gathered, are sufficient to identify a unique individual.

Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) – Official documentation of a suspicious activity. At the federal level, there are two types of SAR information: 1) Information Sharing Environment SAR information that pertains to terrorism information; and 2) Banking Secrecy Act SAR information that pertains to suspicious banking activity and is required to be completed by financial institutions. Suspicious activity report (SAR) information offers a standardized means for feeding information repositories or data analysis tools. Patterns identified during SAR information analysis may be investigated in coordination with the reporting agency and, if applicable, the state-designated fusion center. SAR information is not intended to be used to track or record ongoing enforcement, intelligence, or investigatory activities, nor are they designed to support interagency calls for service.

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