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Meet Jericho McCain!

My eyes were opened to the realities of freedom and liberty when I came across Murray Rothbard’s “Man, Economy and the State” nearly 10 years ago.




My Fundamental Principles

Here is a logical, reality-based, consistent set of principles through which all of life can be processed.

It starts with four overarching provable human concepts:

1.I own myself.
2.Theft is evil.
3.Enslaving is evil.
4.Committing  fraud is evil.

You cannot disagree with my opinions without disagreeing with at least one of these precepts.

On Personal Liberty

All rights are derived from self ownership. No person should initiate the use of force or fraud against any other person. Every person has the right to exercise sole dominion over his own life and property so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to do the same.

On Human Governance

In human governance, every effort should be made to maximize individual liberty and protect property rights. However, once any compulsion (force) is introduced to advance any social good, whoever introduced the compulsion has accepted in practice, that the “good” is whatever the strongest (those with the guns, jails and the ability and power to impose fines) say it is.

Regulation, and the voting directly or indirectly for any regulation, is the ethical equivalent of slavery.

Taxation, and the voting directly or indirectly for any taxation, is the ethical equivalent of theft.

There is no alternative, coherent position which, for example, seeks justice, equity or more efficient markets. All other positions are a degradation of individual liberty to one degree or another.

Jericho lives and breathes technology. He is also the creator of reboot the republic.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

Meet The Crew

Operation Defuse is not an organization, rather a collaborative projects with representatives from organizations all across the country.  Here we will spotlight a few of our most active participants!

(in alphabetic order)

Catherine Bleish

Catherine Bleish (bio)  is the executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project and co-coordinator of the ODF project.
She is currently taking a year long sabbatical from”organizing” to finish her MPA, finish a book, but is still speaking at several scheduled events on behalf of ODF.

John Bush

John Bush (bio) is the executive director of Texans for Accountable Government and the co-organizer of Operation Defuse.  He was instrumental in the push back against the Austin fusion center and is working on our Nation-wide Open Records Requests Initiative and assisting our state coordinators across the nation in their local pushbacks.

Brooke Kelley

Brooke Kelley (bio) is the founder of Unify and working on a reality series that features the behind the scenes side of activism and has toured with Operation Defuse and featured our activsts in several episodes of her series titled, Puzzled.

Jericho McCain

Jericho (bio) is the Operation Defuse in house tech geek with a very black and white view of how liberty is defined and achieved. He is the “guy behind the guy” and has no aspirations of ever being “the guy.”

Ben Weir and Kathy Tran

Ben and Kathy (bio) are two of Operation Defuse’s most dedicated volunteers. Kathy helps with graphis, Ben with Open Records Requests, event planning, and together they engaged on a tour of fusion centers across the northwest.

Meet Catherine Bleish


Catherine Bleish is the founder and former executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project. She currently resides in Austin, Texas where she hopes to finish her Masters of Public Administration graduate degree from Park University.

She has participated in three Operation Defuse speaking tours and attended the National Fusion Center DHS Conference and the Texas Homeland Security Conference with the ODF team in 2010.   Currently she is working on a book titled the Mechanics of the Police State that will attempt to educate readers on the nitty gritty details of how our state and local police are being both federalized and militarized by the federal government.


Recently Catherine was interviewed by CNN for the Anderson Cooper Show and has become a regular guest on the following nation-wide radio programs:

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show
Free Talk Live
Lives in the Balance with Jason Littlejohn

Her activism begin through the anti-war resistance under Bush and grew into a lifestyle through the 2008 Presidential Campaign of Dr. Ron Paul. In the spring of 2009 she re-directed her energy and began to focus her research and activism on fusion centers.

This was in response to the the Missouri Information Analysis Center profiled her and her others in her state as a potentially dangerous radical militia members based on their political ideologies and activities. The report has since been retracted and four legislative hearings were held on the issue.

Since December 17th of 2009 she has been on the road 80% of her time, traveling from state to state meeting with fusion center staff, conducting activists trainings, interviewing those adversely and positively affected by fusion centers, and working to gain a better understanding of these institutions in an effort to find a solution that defuses the tension between our law enforcement communities and the general public. The volunteer based initiative that she helped found is called Operation Defuse.

Meet Ben and Kathy!

Kathy Tran is a radio-television-film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys documenting the growing police state while still finding time to play with her favorite cat and make animations.

Benjamin Weir is an activist from St. Louis, Missouri, and currently living in Austin, Texas. He joined Operation Defuse because of his family members in Missouri who were targeted by the infamous MIAC report on the modern militia movement. Ben enjoys exposing new technologies that companies are pushing on the government, and writing music. He also likes to play with the same cat as Kathy, but sometimes he gets scratched.

Ben and Kathy went on a tour of fusion centers in the northwestern United States to find out what a fusion center really is. They found a lot of fairly normal people, and a couple ne’re-do-wells. They also found that it’s not nearly as scary as you might think to visit one of these centers. You won’t be shot just because you offended them with a question about the legitimacy of police. Together, Ben and Kathy are a team working on a documentary about the business of selling the police state.